A full description of all stages of the Humaniversity Aum Meditation  (There is different music with each stage)

First Stage - Return to hell
In the first stage you put out all your negativity, frustrations and anger.
You take a powerful stand with your feet shoulder wide apart and knees bent.
You stand in front of another person and make fists, look into their eyes
and shout continuously with all your power - starting with 'I am angry'  or 'no' .
Experienced participants may use free association. Go to as many people as possible.

This stage allows you to express your No to create space for a Yes. It opens
the door for love and to coming closer to people. You experience being in
your power.

Second  Stage - Healing

Move towards someone, put your hands on each others shoulders
and say the words: "I'm sorry if I hurt you" Then hug.
Move around, meet different people in this way.

Third Stage - Heaven

In this stage you turn the energy around to 'Love'. Stand in front of
someone, hold hands, look into their eyes and say 'I Love You' and hug.
Express all the appreciation and love you have for the other. Go towards the
people you shouted at the most during the first stage.

Saying yes in this stage allows the possibility of you to bypass pain and
connect with the healing power of love. You will feel nourished by
expressing your love and hearing that you are lovable.

Fourth Stage - Second Wind

The third stage is about going beyond your limits, jumping into the unknown,
taking a risk and finding out you have more energy than your mind can

Run on the spot with your arms up, knees lifting high and with flat feet
making contact with the earth. Stay connected with each other and make a
sound. You soon experience going beyond exhaustion. The body becomes lighter
making it easier to run. Your energy field expands.

Fiftth Stage - Kundalini Rising

Take a grounded position and let the whole body shake, starting with the
knees, the hips and the whole body follows. The head and jaw remains loose.
The energy generated from the second wind helps you relax into shaking

The energy can transform into subtle energies and spread all over the boy.
The body is in a vibrant state. Healing can happen on all levels taking you
to a state of well being, happiness and clarity of mind.

Sixth Stage - Cuckoo's Nest

When you express your madness consciously, you remain sane. Move breathe and
make a sound. Do whatever comes up, scream, throw a tantrum, act like a
crazy person, jump, cry. Do not hurt yourself or others in the process.

Freaking out in Greek means catharsis which means cleaning. When the old
suppressed energies are cleaned out you become more alive in the moment and in
touch with your feelings.

Seventh Stage - Free

Celebrate your life and dance. Express whatever you feel through the
movement of your body. Dancing is sharing one's inner experience through non
verbal communication. Through dance you can show who you are. It is the
purest way to make love to the universe and it can raise you up to ecstasy.

Eighth Stage - Meltdown

Sit by yourself or with someone else and allow yourself to cry. Think of all
the painful situations in your life, make a soft sound 'ouch, ouch...', rock
your body, hold yourself. The body starts to let go of control and allows
you to be venerable. Crying helps to move you from pain, frustration to a
heart to heart connection, joy and happiness.

Ninth Stage - Laughing

Switch the energy and laugh. Giggle, tickle each other, move, make jokes.
Laughing is healthy, it empowers the immune system in the body. Tragedies
turn into comedies and you can start to see the funny side of a situation.

Tenth Stage - Dance of the Lovers

Experience your sexy side. Dance in a sensual, sexy way with each other or
by yourself. It is a chance to experience feeling good in each and every
moment. You will change partners several times and we will tell you when to change.
Have fun!

Eleventh Stage - Centre of the Universe

Stand in a circle with your knees bent, look in the light of a candle in the
middle and chant the sound of AUM. Aum is the sound of the universe and it
integrates your experience of the meditation. You will feel more settled in
your centre becoming the watcher.

Twelfth Stage - Wowing

Sit on your own, with eyes closed or open, doing nothing. You have the
opportunity to reach an empty space of communion with existence leaving you
in a 'WOW' state.

Final Stage - Namaste and Hugging

Go to each other, put your hands together in the Indian greeting position,
look into the eyes of the other person, bow and say ' Namaste'. Then you
hug. Meet everyone in the room. 'Namaste' means:
'I greet and recognise the Buddha in you.'

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