AUM DATES   2022/23  

We are planning to return to in-person Aum meditation events!

Aum Meditation - Sundays pm - events end at 5.40 pm

September 18th 2022 (2 pm)
October 16th 2022 (2 pm)

Aum Venue for "live" Aum events

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The London Rehearsal Space, 4th Floor Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SF
Press the buzzer for 'LRS Studio 2' - we can buzz you in. Then take the lift or walk up to the 4th Floor.
Directions - easy walking distance from tube stations:  Moorgate (5 mins), Old Street or Liverpool St.

Sometimes we eat afterwards at a local restaurant if you wish to join us!
London Humaniversity Aum Meditation - "live" Aum Events:
Check-in starts from 2.00pm
Newcomers arrive at 2.00 pm for registration and induction talk.
Please allow plenty of time for your journey in London and
check TFL for transport updates before travelling.

A full explanation of the process will be given to newcomers,
and we will warm up with some dance music before the Aum begins.

We will finish with a short sharing and will complete around 5.40 pm
The Aum process is very active and you may wish to shower afterwards -
if so, please bring a towel and use the venue facilities.
It's a good idea to bring water and a spare t-shirt too.


Contact info
Prabuddho - 07799 407900 (


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