Due to government guidelines, we are not offering "live" Aum meditation events at the moment.
Meanwhile, we welcome you to our Online Aum and Osho meditation events
to connect, release tensions and move into a more peaceful, loving space.


Online OSHO Kundalini Meditation via Zoom
Osho's popular evening shaking and dancing meditation:

 Wednesday, July 29th
 Thursday, July 30th
Tuesday, August 4th

5.45 pm -  information for newcomers and admissions

6.00 pm -         meditation starts
7.15 pm -          session ends

 Online Humaniversity Sacred Earth Meditation via Zoom - Sunday, August 2nd
Dance, shake and make a joyful connection with the earth 

3.50 pm - admission starts
4.00 pm - introduction and meditation
5.15 pm - meditation ends


Cost: Registration is free - email:  prabuddho1@gmail.com    to receive the Zoom login code

For these events: have enough 
space so you can move and dance.
For the Aum: bring a clean towel or pillow 

Zoom problems: If there are any Zoom problems during the session:
return to this page to obtain instructions or a new Zoom login code

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Registration is free, but donations are welcome, to support ongoing online events
Suggested donation: 5 
See Paypal buttons below.

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