What is the Humaniversity Aum Meditation?

The Aum Meditation is an interactive social exercise which takes you on a
journey of self discovery....t is an adventure and with the help of others
who become your mirrors you will be able to see yourself clearly.

The thirteen stages take you from one polarity to another via emotional
expression, dancing, bioenergetic exercise and meeting others.

You experience releasing everything in your noisy and emotional body/mind and move into
emptiness and inner silence; from this space you start to reconnect with
your true nature.

Releasing stress and pent-up feelings creates more clarity
and well-being within yourself and others.

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The AUM Meditation nourishes and energises you;
it accesses your inner power and teaches you to take a position in your
life. It is a celebration of love and
friendship and you experience deep warmth and relaxation.

The AUM Meditation was created by Veeresh (Danny Yuson-Sanchez) by condensing a five
day therapy group - 'the Aum Marathon' - to help people that have busy lives.
It is an accumulation of all his work.

Veeresh is the founder of the Osho Humaniversity in Holland (since 1978)
- an international centre for personal growth, therapy, spirituality, professional development
and the training of therapists.

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